Website Design

Working with the most versatile graphic designers and web architects in the business, we create an overall site design that showcases your company and delivers your key messages. 

We have developed sites in Drupal, WordPress, and HTML/PHP and have experience to know what team members are required to build the best solution.  We create our solution based on client specifications to streamline our efforts and focus on how we can impact the project success. 

OCSiTEMASTERS custom designs every solution based on your company or organizations vision and desired results or defined project needs. From your requirements we create a plan that defines the scope, cost, and timeline to delivery. Your project is done with no surprises and as expected.

Many people are confused Website Services and have questions on what is needed, why they would spend money on an expensive service, and does it REALLY matter! Based on your experience we explain Cyberspace and share resources that will help you understand the choices and some of the fundamentals of SEO Search Engine Optimization, SEM Search Engine Marketing and Competitive View Website Rankings. We help you understand the value of Social Media Communities and why your Websites’ messaging matters if you want to compete within the cyberspace world.