New and improved Twitter Conversation! Increased activity as Business Booms!

Business Hands for Twitter

Twitter Announced today a new way of refining your Tweets. You can know zero in on who what when where and limit your audience and who can respond and see your tweets! Great new for those who want to use the tool but do not want it to go into a public view.

In the coming years having the ability to limit the audience on the web will become much more popular as many people are discovering being seen by all is not needed in every situation you want to have a website. It adds hours to the day, with added maintenance that many business owners don’t have the time. We find our clients are very overloaded with tasks and adding more attention to something is just not available. That is why we introduced the services of OCSiTEMASTERS for help with those tasks and gain an understanding of how to tackle Reputation Online Management (ROM).