OC SiTEMASTERS Internet for Business

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  • Website Design and Hosting Services
  • SEM/SEO Search Engine Marketing/Optimization
  • Custom Development and Consulting Services
  • Mobile App Integration and Assessment
  • Performance Metric Monitoring

OC SiTEMASTERS is an Internet Solution Services Company.  We customize our solutions to work best for our clients’ needs and long-term business objectives.

We build successful solutions leveraging our experience in technology with our clients’ knowledge of their business value. Our support levels may function as your business technical lead or help guide your existing team on strategies and enhanced internet practices.  We focus on serving our clients by providing high-end PROFESSIONAL SERVICES and impact-driven DIGITAL SOLUTIONS

Our Mission

OC SiTEMASTERS owner, Pam Barrie, says, “I build and work on projects that bridge the gap between cyberspace and business strategy. In a nutshell, we translate web speak to business-speak.”


The company vision is to provide technical guidance with the development of digital presence, website deployment, and social site implementation and ongoing reputation awareness.


We help businesses get found. But it’s more than that as we want our client businesses to be found correctly. Not found on everything, but found on something. 

We want them to be discovered or associated with a directory so that they do not have too many people confusing their traffic efforts. Result: more customers, growth, and higher profitability.